VERY INTERESTING: Confessions of an Advertising Man

Jim Gilbert

“Stumbled” across a post at “Stuntdubl’s” blog today ( Confessions of an Advertising Man ) and feel everybody should read it! By the way it was originally written by David Ogilvy whom I do not know personally but gained a lot of respect for.

I mean, just consider some of the quotes from his book:

  • The creative process requires more than reason. Most original thinking isn’t even verbal. It requires “a groping experimentation with ideas, governed by intuitive hunches and inspired by the unconcious.”
    Strong statement… it can be learned (if you have what it takes), but nobody can teach it to you.
  • They copied all they could follow, but they couldn’t copy my mind,
    And I left ‘em sweating and stealing, a year and a half behind.
    I’m telling you all… the best Internet Marketing tool on earth is still the BRAIN!

Of course there are a few good ole East Texas common sense quotes that were possibly missed, but unless you are from Texas you probably will not notice. Like these that tend to get handed down from father’s to son’s (Hey… it’s a guy thing):

  • Damn Son! If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when the hell do you think you’ll have time to do it over again?
  • Hey Boy! Quit thinking so much of yourself…… even blind hogs find acorns ocassionally.

There are a few more REAL good ones, but I’ll reserve them for the next meeting in the bar.

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