Tips For Optimizing Your Site For The Sale

Often times we get so bogged down in the minutiae of keywords and content that we sometimes forget to look at the overall goals of our website. Making the sale, collecting the lead, enticing the click; these are all ultimate outcomes we want for our websites. Sometimes our choices are counter-intuitive to those outcomes.Optimizing for the Sale Whenever we perform a website evaluation, the “ultimate goal” is in our minds. A product sold, or a lead collected has to be the summit we work towards. Forgetting where you want to end up can sometimes mean a winding road along the way. Keep these conversion optimization tips in mind as you tweak content on your site.

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Google Launches hProduct Microformat Support In Time For The Holidays

Google Present for the HolidaysYesterday, just in time for the holliday shopping season, Google announced that they now support Rich Snippets for shopping sites. What this means is that in certain cases they will call out particular data items from online catalog sites and display them with special formating in the search results.

This is a particular boon to the internet retailer sites which are savvy enough to be able to format their data properly for Google to recognize it — a Rich Snippet graphic treatment can be eye-catching, allowing a search result to stand out from the crowd a bit, and this attention-getting display apparently results in a significantly greater click-through rate (if not even a higher conversion rate).

The new shopping Rich Snippet allows e-commerce sites to display information such as price, availability and product reviews in their search engine results page listings. For instance, here’s how a snippet for Buzzillions appears for a Cabela’s jacket:

Cabelas Jacket - hProduct Rich Snippet

Google is providing a few different methods to structure e-commerce catalog page data in order for the Rich Snippet treatment to get invoked. One of the prime methods is to code the catalog page in hProduct microformat.

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