Yahoo’s Panama – Ripe with Malaria

First, consider the hype surronding Panama’s release (keep in mind these are statements right from the “horse’s mouth”): “More like Google”, “Easy Transition of Overture DTC accounts to Panama” and “if necessary, just import your Google account into Panama”.

That’s the hype… Now this is the truth:

  • Google like — not hardly… But it IS VERY MSN like. Why the heck did Yahoo pattern Panama after MSN? Did they have Microsoft’s help? Did they hire Microsoft people to help? If you are forced to pattern a product after an existing one seems Google would be a better (and more proven) platform to copy than MSN’s Adcenter. Really makes one wonder who is making technology related decisions at Yahoo
  • Accounts are transitioned with “categories” mapped as “campaigns”. WRONG! For years agencies have been building Yahoo accounts from Google accounts and equating “categories” to “adgroups” — NOT campaigns. So if you have 28 categories you will end up with 28 campaigns EACH with its own adgroup! Fixing this mess is a monsterous manual task.
  • Yahoo is right about “importing your Google account may be the easiest way to make the transition”. BUT, as it turns out, only Gold and Platinum level accounts are allowed to use the import function! Where the hell did this rule come from?

For years Yahoo didn’t get it — appears they still don’t. … Jim Gilbert


If you want more comments on Panama, you may want to see this Search Engine Watch thread: Panama is LIVE – for some!

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