2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Ethics at SMX East

  1. @Li: It was a pleasure to take the podium with you @ SMX East. Your presentation was balanced, interesting, insightful and I believe you and I agree on most points. The vast majority of avatars aimClear fields are 100% transparent in identity, purpose and personality.

    Social media “ethics” certainly are front and center and on the minds of many these days. However, I personally believe there’s a disconnect with reality out there on a moderate scale.

    Some tactics and approaches, which have been considered perfectly acceptable over the years in traditional channels, are somehow now dastardly when expressed in online social settings.

    There’s an interesting class of SMO evangelist-early adopters who, like you said, are NOT the be-all authorities and ill-equipped to judge. The best rules available are probably the Ten Commandments.

    I smile a wry grin when Digg power-users (who sometimes get chunks of cash for each successful submission) preach about the sanctity of social media, little birdies and butterflies. It’s so cute. Sometimes it’s hard to escape the hypocrisy.

    This wild-west “take-all-ya’-can-get” mentality will surly shake out over time. SMOs will get burned for messing up. Great good will be done by marketers who get it right.

    The public will ultimately judge our approaches by voting with mind-share, pocketbooks and friendship. It’s a great time to be part of the social media world isn’t it… 🙂

    It was a kick to speak with you in New York, take care and we’ll see you next time Li.

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