Pubcon Day 1 – Local Search Rankings

We’re talking about local search today!  This is the only local session I’m planning on blogging, but that might change.  In fact it just did – I’m staying to hear more on Google Places and Maps Optimization!  I hear via Twitter Salon A has a torturous noise going on, no thanks.

*Note – if you are using a Twitter client makes noise everytime someone sends you a message, silence it during a session…#duh

Arnie Kuenn, President,, Moderator

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KeyRelevance Liveblogging Pubcon Search Marketing Conference

Are you ready, SEMClubhouse fans?  Start your engines!  The KeyRelevance team is in Las Vegas this week speaking and covering the amazing Pubcon Search Marketing Conference.

Pubcon takes place a few times a year in various locations across the US, but you can always count on a fall conference in Las Vegas.  Covering various Search Engine Marketing topics Continue reading

SMX East New York – Day 3

Missed my coverage of Day 1 & Day 2 – read those first!

The third and final day of SMX kicked off with a session Moderated by KeyRelevance’s own Christine Churchill.  Beyond The Google AdWords Tool: Advanced Keyword Research Tactics covered ways to find keywords that don’t appear in the AdWords free tool.

My wifi was down for most of this session (seriously -how do we function without wifi at these things?  We don’t) but I did capture a few interesting tidbits at the end from Shawn Livengood (@slivengood) and Suren Ter-Saakov  (@seoquaketeam) He shared some great pieces of info centered around Continue reading

SMX East New York Recap – Day 2

Have you read my Day 1 Coverage of SMX East?  Check it out first, then come ready Day 2 Coverage followed by Day 3 Coverage!

Day 2 of SMX saw me speaking on a panel and Q&A Moderating another, it was a busy day and a HUGE amount of Microdata and Markup information was shared.

If you have access to the slides, you should take a look.  If you don’t have access to all of them, take a look at my slides via Slideshare.

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SMX East New York Recap Day 1

The KeyRelevance team recently returned from SMX East in New York City full of enthusiasm and ideas for moving into this next phase of online marketing.

Don’t forget to check out Day 2 and Day 3 coverage when you’re done here!

There was a ton of information shared on Microdata, SEO, Mobile Marketing and more – I thought I’d do a recap of the high points I found, or saw tweeted, while I was there, along with a little analysis and speculation about what it means to you, the marketer or website owner who is Continue reading

Defined: A Healthy Link Profile

Since the penguin update of May 2012, I’ve gotten quite a few questions about links, specifically incoming links, and their quality, quantity, and acquisition.

Here’s the scoop – good links are earned, not bought, traded or given.  We need to change our thinking from a “linkbuilding” mentality to a mentality of “Engagement and Education.”   I think linkbuilding has completely changed, and we’re looking at a new era and set of definitions that surround the link.  Here’s what I think – stop linkbuilding.

Stop looking for link placements and start writing great content and building relationships.  

Be helpful, guest blog with relevant content, don’t make every link you get on a guest blog or traffic-driving directory say “spammy keyword phrase” and above all, if your website visitor would never click on it, need the content, or remotely care, don’t bother linking to it, or getting a link from it.

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Catch Us At SMX East in New York 2011!

I am speaking at SMX East

You can catch some of us from KeyRelevance at next week’s SMX East in New York — Christine Churchill, President of KeyRelevance, and Chris Silver Smith, Director of Optimization Strategies, will both be speaking and moderating on various panels:

Sept 13:

Sept 14:

Sept 15:

We hope to see you there!

Resources For Subjects In My MIMA Summit Session

MIMA SummitDuring my MIMA Summit 2010 conference presentation today, I’m covering a large chunk of information very rapidly. So, I’m providing this list of links to longer articles which more thoroughly cover the subjects touched upon in my presentation for those who might wish to dig in deeper:

Title Tag Optimization

Image Search Optimization

Benefits of Loose Image Licensing for Image SEO

Video Search Optimization

Online Catalog Optimization

RSS Optimization

Local Search Optimization

Local Search Ranking Factors

Local SEO 101: Choosing Local Domain Names

Ranking of Businesses Without Websites

Avoiding Tracking Phone Numbers

Category Names In Local SEO

hCard Microformat for Local SEO

KML & My Maps For Local SEO

Appearing & Speaking At SMX East 2010

KeyRelevance at SMX East 2010 Search Marketing Conference

Christine Churchill, President of KeyRelevance, and Chris Silver Smith, Director of Optimization Strategies at KeyRelevance, will both be speaking and moderating sessions at the upcoming SMX East Conference in New York, NY, October 4-6, 2010.

SMX at Javits Center in New York City

Don’t miss this opportunity to us speak on current search marketing techniques and to meet us in-person!

October 4:

October 5:

Let us know if you’ll be attending, and we’ll look for you there!

The Mayday Update Skinny From SMX Advanced

At the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle last week, the keynote session with Matt Cutts has become an expected feature, but it’s also one of the most highly anticipated and attended sessions of the entire conference. The search engines love to take advantage of search marketing conferences to make major announcements, and Matt Cutts has been known to drop both major and minor bombshells during these sessions. For instance, during last year’s session, he stated that the practice of “link-sculpting” (using “nofollow” parameters on links to advantageously design the flow of PageRank within a site) was now pointless, because Google had implemented nofollow such that it did not conserve PageRank, but instead a nofollowed link merely evaporated PR.

Matt illustrates a point at SMX Advanced

It was clear at this year’s “You & A With Matt Cutts” that he and Danny Sullivan had planned in advance to launch directly into addressing one of the top most-recent issues of interest to webmasters: the “Mayday Update” — so-named because the algorithmic shift occurred roughly around the first week of May, and because affected webmasters were left with a helpless feeling after their pages dropped in rank for long-tail search queries.

DSCN9566Matt and Danny opened the session in a really jocular fashion by wearing inflatable life-jackets, as a nod to the Mayday algo change. They followed that up by handing each other caffeine-free sodas, which they quickly deprecated in favor of fully-caffeinated Coca-Colas. (As you may know, Google began rolling out an infrastructure/processing change this year, called “Caffeine”, which allows Google to rapidly absorb fresh content, process it for ranking purposes, and display the new content in SERPs. Some webmasters who were concerned over the Mayday Update had wondered whether it might have been caused as some side effect of the Caffeine change.)

After the lifejackets and soda hijinks were over, Matt stated clearly and seriously that the Mayday Update was separate from and in no way caused by the Caffeine change. His statements further underscored statements he’d made earlier online. According to him, the ranking algorithm development team had decided, after consideration and testing, to publish a change based upon some “quality factors”, reducing the rankings of some deeper content pages for longer-tail queries.

Just as Vanessa Fox had opined in her piece on the Mayday Update, the weighting for keyword relevancy factors was likely reduced some in comparison to quality factors.

One thing that Matt suggested to those who wished to counteract Mayday’s effects was Continue reading